The remake of New Dawn Clans. The world had plunged into World War Three, and the cats living in the forest have been wiped out. All aside from a few surviving kits, and a lone elder. Will you rebuild the Clans, or prevent them from ever happening again
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 Pineh's Creation!! :D

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PostSubject: Pineh's Creation!! :D   Thu Aug 25, 2011 8:17 pm

Name: Pine(spirit/star)

Gender: She-cat


Personality: A calm, compassionate she-cat. She tends to listen to everyone's problems, and is very determined when she sets her mind to do something.

Weaknesses: Thinking of comebacks (xD) will add more later, sorry =3=

Strengths: Swimming, climbing, fighting, running (oyah im supar kitteh xD)

Short History :
Pine was raised in a dark alleyway. Her parents were rough and tough, and they never backed down from a fight; like Pine. After plenty of moons later, Pine ventured far, and met the Clans. Her parents were worried sick when they came back from their hunt to find their kit missing. She was taken into the Clans and lived with them ever since. After she fought in World War Three, Pine fled the battle with fear. She hid inside a tree trunk. After a moon had passed, when she survived barely on scavenging for leftovers, all of her clanmates were dead. Some were still alive, but their wounds were fatal enough to kill them. Pine felt a tinge of regret. Why had she left? She couldn't believe she were cowardly enough to hide for a moon! Since then, she promised never to back down from a fight ever again.

You are accepted! XD
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Pineh's Creation!! :D
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