The remake of New Dawn Clans. The world had plunged into World War Three, and the cats living in the forest have been wiped out. All aside from a few surviving kits, and a lone elder. Will you rebuild the Clans, or prevent them from ever happening again
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 Tiger's Leader sign-up

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PostSubject: Tiger's Leader sign-up   Thu Aug 25, 2011 10:31 pm

Name: Tiger

Gender: She-cat

Personality: Dark, secretive, ambitious, ebil, etc.

What does this rank do?: Leads the clan into battle, to gatherings, and in day-to-day life.

Why would you like this rank?:n Tiger is a powerful and ambitious cat. Her thirst for power would be sated by ataining the highest rank, and being able to lead her clan. She wouldn't go TOO overboard with the... Evil-ness. ouo

Can you handle power?: Of course! All ShadowClan cats can handle power! They just show it in different ways then the other clans do. o3o

Can you be active and do all your supposed to?: Mmmhmm! ^-^

Give an example off how you'd stop a fight (At least four sentences): Her sleek muscles rippling as she surged forward, she leapt forward into the midst of the fight. The howls of pain and sound of flesh tearing was getting to her. She wanted to join, but knew she should try and avoid needless bloodshed. "STOP!" she yowled, audible over all the yowls and growls. Most of the cats froze at the sound of her powerful voice, though some of the enemy cats continued to battle. Ramming into one of the SmokeClan cats, the cat fell to the ground, dazed. The others rushed over to their comrade, to see if he was okay. "Stop." Tigerstar spat, glaring at all of the bloody, panting cats. "There is no need for bloodshed so early in the reformation of the clans." she hissed. "Go home. All of you!"
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PostSubject: Re: Tiger's Leader sign-up   Fri Aug 26, 2011 10:45 am

Very good. Approved! :3 I already said you could be leader, I'm pretty sure. xD But you'll have to wait for the prophecy to launch first, okay? xD
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Tiger's Leader sign-up
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