The remake of New Dawn Clans. The world had plunged into World War Three, and the cats living in the forest have been wiped out. All aside from a few surviving kits, and a lone elder. Will you rebuild the Clans, or prevent them from ever happening again
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 Soul's Med cat sighn up

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PostSubject: Soul's Med cat sighn up   Thu Nov 03, 2011 5:11 pm



Personality:kind and caring,she loves kits, she whants some as well(forbidden love haha)

The reason you'd like this rank:Soul whould love to learn the ways of starclan,she had dreams of them before she joined a clan

What do you know about herbs? Do you know anything?:Yes Im pretty sure I know all the herbs, What they look like,and what are there use(s)

What is your reference if you forget an herb?:I have two 1:my app on my phone 2:I wrote them all down twice on a peace of papper so I whould rember them

Will you handle this rank responsibly?: yes I will

What besides healing does a medicine cat do?: Medince cats, they heal but they also listen to the stars and skies above them, most med cats know that the world they live I'n is a different place, they also share tounges with starclan every half moon at the moonstone (or moonpool or whatever the cats here use)

Also I was wondering that if you need any help on what any cats do I've read the books Luke 5x each and I've read speacil books online that's why Im such a great warrior cat expert
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Soul's Med cat sighn up
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