The remake of New Dawn Clans. The world had plunged into World War Three, and the cats living in the forest have been wiped out. All aside from a few surviving kits, and a lone elder. Will you rebuild the Clans, or prevent them from ever happening again
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 Falcon's Creation

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PostSubject: Falcon's Creation   Thu Aug 25, 2011 1:31 pm

Name: Falcon - Falconpaw - Falconfrost

Gender: Male

Appearance (picture is recommended): Light silver tom with darker speckles lining fur. Has black paws, and a black-and-white gray speckled tail, that's shaggy and looks like feathers. White chest and underbelly. Emerald eyes, with black streaks coming out from behind them.

Personality (at least three traits): Tricky, strong, loyal, fearless, compassionate.

Weaknesses: Has a strong fear of twolegs.

Strengths: Combat and stealth.

Short History (At least three sentences): Falcon was born to the cats Specklefeather and Wolfsoul, both felled in the War of Twolegs. His birth Clan was ThunderClan, although his father, Wolfsoul, had been ShadowClan. At his parents' death, he'd been one moon old, just old enough to be able to make it to the Abandoned Barn, where he's lived ever since.
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Falcon's Creation
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